One-on-One with DEI Leader Jennifer Brown

Curran & Connors talks with Jennifer Brown, highly respected DE&I consultant, founder of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC) and renowned author, to better understand what is happening a…

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How are companies handling Investor Days in a post-COVID world?

8.24.21 In-person gatherings largely went away during COVID—if they happened, they were virtual. Now, companies seem to be thinking about bringing them back, but in a hybrid fashion: in-pe…

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Guest Blog, Sustainability September 4, 2020

How Companies Can Improve their Investor Rating Scores on ESG

As investors increasingly push to assess companies’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, our publicly traded clients and potential clients often ask us how they can impr…

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Rating Scores Around ESG: How to Begin the Disclosure Journey

Institutional investors have increasingly asked for a way to screen sustainable and responsible investments. Rating scores allow investors to see the ESG programs that make your company stan…

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Seven Tips for Getting Your Corporate Message Right

Does your CEO have a critical message to share? How can you be 100 percent sure it always comes across as intended? Sometimes, a 99 percent success rate is one percent short of what’s nee…

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That Best Next Move: Corporate Responsibility and Your Website

Your corporate website will likely serve as the primary platform for telling your CR story. As an open book accessible to all, it reflects transparency and accountability. But not all websit…

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Pitfalls to avoid when creating a corporate responsibility report

Defining priorities. Collecting data. Creating communications that resonate with key stakeholders. All are essential steps for any organization wanting to articulate its commitments and acti…

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