Rating Scores Around ESG: How to Begin the Disclosure Journey

Institutional investors have increasingly asked for a way to screen sustainable and responsible investments. Rating scores allow investors to see the ESG programs that make your company stand out as you compete for capital. Such rating scores provide you with insight into how investors are viewing your company.

So, how has your company fared compared to your peers? Are you interested in improving your score?

We know the ESG environment can be confusing…Where do you start?

We listed four phases to help you start on this journey, with the main goal of improving your rating scores!

Phase 1. Gap analysis of performance and disclosures against ESG ratings and rankings schemes

Identify gaps in your current disclosures that may be influencing how the ratings and rankings agencies perceive your company. Compare yourself against your peers and competitors to understand where there may be strategic opportunities to differentiate yourself.

Phase 2. Strategic roadmap to fill gaps and address deficiencies

Develop a roadmap to fill in the gaps you’ve identified. This includes identifying and prioritizing the development of new policies and procedures and governance system improvements.

Phase 3. Goal setting and development of key performance indicators

Establish metrics that are indicative of performance regarding your sustainability and corporate responsibility programs. Identify appropriate targets for performance that are both achievable as well as challenging.

Phase 4. Findings report (for internal use only) including recommendations on next steps

Create an internal analysis report created from phases 1–3 with best practice recommendations for the next step.

Following these steps will get you started on your ESG disclosure journey. If you still have questions and would like to discuss further, please contact us at info@curran-connors.com.

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