Seven Tips for Getting Your Corporate Message Right

Does your CEO have a critical message to share?

How can you be 100 percent sure it always comes across as intended?

Sometimes, a 99 percent success rate is one percent short of what’s needed. Curran & Connors has been helping companies write their highest-stakes messages clearly, concisely and convincingly for more than 50 years. Our unique perspective comes from decade after decade of drafting CEO letters and narratives for annual reports, creating strategies and content for corporate responsibility and sustainability reports.

To succeed, we’ve had to master these important steps for ensuring messages hit the mark:

1. Give sincerity the best chance to shine through. This might mean skipping typical review processes which often homogenize tone.

2. Answer the ‘why now’ question in no uncertain terms. Be explicit and direct about the reasons for this message at this moment in time.

3. Ask employees how they feel about sensitive issues. Making assumptions often leads to subpar communications.

4. Acknowledge there is always, always, always room for improvement. Then state commitments in the clearest possible terms.

5. Walk that talk. Good intentions fall apart when companies fail to practice what they preach—regardless of how effectively they preach it.

6. Visualize success. Make sure a brand reflects sensitivity to current issues through the appropriate use of photos and colors.

7. Value the values. Ensure mission, vision and values are relevant and mirrored in every message.

Services offered:

CEO message: interview and copywriting
Drafting and rewriting of policies
Scripts for CEO video messages
Website updates to accommodate messages
Drafting or rewriting of mission, vision and values statements
Targeted design to mirror critical communications

Formats offered:

PDF posted to website
Pop-up web banner
Custom website page/pop-up box
CEO video
Fact sheet combining multiple messages

We’d love to hear about your unique challenges and opportunities, and get your C-level communications just right.


Download the 7 Steps PDF (60KB PDF)