Charter Communications

C&C has been a long-time partner with Charter Communications, producing their Annual Report. This partnership expanded to include the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report for the second consecutive year. This year, we aimed to harmonize the visual approaches of both reports, establishing a cohesive identity while ensuring each report remains distinguishable on its own.

The goal of the 2023 Annual Report was to emphasize Charter Communications’ steadfast dedication to generating shareholder value. We effectively communicated financial performance and strategic growth plans through the use of a smart design that integrated vivid images and succinct infographics. This report highlighted Charter’s forward-looking strategies to provide long-term value to its stockholders in addition to showcasing the company’s strong financial health.

The ESG Report focused on Charter’s highly skilled workforce, superior network, and connected communities. The design featured dynamic visuals and informative graphics to illustrate Charter’s impact and initiatives in these areas. By aligning the visual elements with those of the Annual Report, we created a unified brand identity that reinforced Charter’s comprehensive commitment to excellence. This strategic approach in design and content presentation ensured that both reports resonated strongly with stakeholders, highlighting Charter Communications’ dedication to both financial success and corporate responsibility.