Automatic Data Processing Inc. (NASDAQ: ADP) partnered with Curran & Connors in 2019 for their sustainability reporting project, from discovery through report launch. ADP, a prominent financial services brand, sought our comprehensive capabilities as a “one-stop” shop.

The 2023 ADP Corporate Responsibility Report was an extensive effort, involving data review, thematic concept development, and adherence to GRI, SASB, and TCFD frameworks. Curran & Connors handled writing, design, and development for both the website and an interactive PDF. The report’s design prominently features ADP’s recognizable red color, complemented by geometric graphics that underscore the high-tech nature of their business.

addition to demonstrating ADP’s strong commitment to environmental sustainability, the report had to establish a high bar for subsequent reports. The 2023 ADP Corporate Responsibility Report effectively conveyed the company’s sustainability initiatives by fusing an eye-catching layout with an extensive and easily comprehensible data presentation. In order to meet ADP’s high standards and expectations and to produce a report that was prepared to engage stakeholders and reaffirm ADP’s commitment to transparency and accountability, a relationship with Curran & Connors was necessary to ensure a smooth process.