Five Communications Tips for IPO Success

We all know IPOs can be perceived as a double-edged sword—a potentially lucrative investment and a risk at the same time. Your communications with potential investors could determine the success of your public offering. Curran & Connors has compiled the top five investor communication MUST DOs once your prospectus is priced.

1. Ensure your branding effectively tells your story

The image you convey is integral to your ability to attract both customers and investors. A professionally designed and differentiated brand that brings your story to life from a verbal and visual perspective can elevate your stature and separate your organization from its peers.

2. Produce a world-class investor/road show presentation

The investor deck will be the centerpiece for telling your story. It needs to be sharp, sophisticated and clear. Design and content should be aligned, well-branded and intuitive.

3. Your website must reinforce your branding

A well-conceived and designed site not only creates a strong first impression, but it also must be informative and drive viewers to take action. Additionally, your investor relations site needs to comply with SEC regulations and be on par with your competition.

4. Prepare a branded investor fact sheet

A fact sheet should summarize your company’s value proposition and clearly express the essence of your brand. It’s a convenient way to share fundamental metrics with potential investors.

5. Make your annual report a foundational financial communications tool

Year-end results should be presented in conjunction with a compelling narrative about your company and its vision for the future. While financial metrics tell a critical part of your story, the annual report presents an opportunity to reinforce company strategy, planned initiatives and the persona of the organization.

If you follow these top five MUST DO, your public offering will be well on its way to a successful year. Curran & Connors is here to stand by you throughout the process. If you have any questions, please email us at