Charter Communications

C&C worked with Charter Communications to help them utilize their annual report and ESG report as powerful communication tools that showcase their value proposition and commitment to sustainability. The design elements employed in both reports create a consistent presentation and play a crucial role in reinforcing the company’s branding and conveying its message effectively to stakeholders.

In their annual report, Charter incorporates a branded angle graphic consistently throughout the document. This design element symbolizes the company’s forward progress and leadership, portraying their dedication to driving innovation in the telecommunications industry. The use of clean typography, a well-structured layout, and visually appealing visuals enhance readability and engage stakeholders, ensuring they can easily navigate the report and comprehend Charter’s financial performance and strategic initiatives.

In the ESG report, the design choices establish a visual connection between the annual report and the ESG report, reinforcing the notion that the company’s sustainability efforts are intricately linked with its overall progress.