Whirlpool - Curran & Connors | Annual Report Design Firm


Print and Online Annual Reports

Our partnership with Whirlpool began in 2009 and has included print and online annual report design, microsite design, fact sheets, presentations and more. Notably, for Whirlpool, Curran & Connors tailors its creative process to work within the client’s comfort zone by designing the print report first in order to gain CEO approval, and then translates that to the online version. The print report showcases large, expansive, glamour shots of Whirlpool products carefully balanced by headlines and descriptions. The online report’s different orientation made matching the style of the print piece challenging, so a variety of techniques such as eases, transitions, content reveals and scrolling were used to allow the images to breathe while still retaining the design continuity of the print report. Whirlpool is a large corporation with a number of widely recognized brands, and their annual report on both platforms serves as a strong, unifying source for information on corporate strategy and focus.