Safehold & iStar

Sustainability Reports

Safehold Inc. and managing company iStar Inc. are based in New York City with complimentary businesses in real estate development and capital solutions. Having completed Safehold’s first annual report after rebranding in 2019, Curran & Connors introduced the topic of ESG reporting, indicating that it may become a hot issue for both companies in the coming months. Sure enough, not too long after our meeting, an executive was asked about their ESG strategy and the need grew from there. C&C was brought in to perform a benchmarking and gap analysis exercise for both companies. Based on the findings, we proposed an outline for a brief overview for each company on their history of ESG activities. The goal was to get something published in the spring that would lay the foundation for their evolving ESG communications strategy. We wrote and designed the reports in about six months from start to finish, delivering them right about the time their annual reports hit the streets in April 2020.