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Rayonier Advanced Materials

Sustainability Brochure and Pamphlet

Rayonier Advanced Materials (RYAM) is a publicly traded company in Jacksonville, FL that creates a number of high-tech and low-tech products for its customers, using trees which they harvest from sustainable sources around the world. While the company has been in business for a long time, they have evolved in recent years to be one of the largest forest product manufacturers in the world.

In 2018, their rating scores caught the attention of their CEO and VP of IR, and they were determined to tell their impressive story on their terms.

Curran & Connors assessed the current view of their sustainability efforts, interviewed key employees in the US and Canada, and ultimately helped them create a story that reflects who RYAM is. We wrote, designed and translated two key documents for them: a multi-panel pamphlet that is geared towards investors, and a 24-page brochure that has a broader use in the community, with employees and in their sales effort. The title is Invested in Nature, Investing in the Future, a phrase that captures their commitment to the forests they depend on as well as their vested interest in their customers and employees’ long-term success.

And the results are in. “Our scores did improve after the work we did last year – both the sustainability report and the new policies.”

Remembering Denis Connors (1941-2020)

The entire Curran & Connors family is deeply saddened by the passing of our co-founder, Denis Connors. In the spring of 1977, Denis joined Thomas F. Curran Associates, Inc. and in the years that followed, became a partner at Curran & Connors and quickly led the firm to new heights. A shrewd businessman and investor, Denis built a reputation of excellence in corporate reporting that was second to none. Though he will be dearly missed, his legacy lives on through the talented and passionate employees who are proud to call Curran & Connors our home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, especially his children and grandchildren.