Integrated Annual Report

In 2018, Millicom approached Curran & Connors about working together on their integrated annual report. The company was planning on trading in the US and felt it was imperative to work with a US-based firm that had deep experience with both annual and sustainability reports. They had been producing an integrated report but wanted the report to tell a more cohesive story, especially around the impact their corporate responsibility (CR) efforts had on their overall business.

The scope of work included strategy, writing and design of a printable PDF and online report. Millicom loved our recommendations and relied heavily on Curran & Connors to take their report to the next level, in terms of the story.

The results included two annual report awards and commitment to work with Curran & Connors on their 2019 integrated report, which we just completed. For the 2019 report, we increased the amount of information included in the online report and embedded more tracking capabilities to better understand how the site is being navigated. We also created a GRI Index for Millicom which will prove very useful in finding and tracking data against industry KPIs.

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