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Sustainability Report

EnPro released their inaugural sustainability report in 2019. Curran & Connors assisted them with this effort by offering a full-service solution. We started by conducting an in-person workshop, which allowed us to speak to internal stakeholders about the upcoming report, what data they owned as SMEs, and how we would proceed in the coming months.

Because this was their first report, we conducted a complete 360 approach, including: data review, report framework and thematic concept, and writing of approved content. Once we had the key messaging and theme confirmed, we started to work on design and layout. It was important to present the content in both a structured and visual approach, so the use of callouts, images, infographics, charts and graphs played a key role. The final report was delivered as an interactive PDF which allowed the end user to explore the content in an easy to navigate manner.

Finally, we performed a gap analysis against both GRI and SASB frameworks. The findings from this analysis will be used as a guideline for future data gathering processes and will ultimately be used to improve disclosure for their 2020 report.

Remembering Denis Connors (1941-2020)

The entire Curran & Connors family is deeply saddened by the passing of our co-founder, Denis Connors. In the spring of 1977, Denis joined Thomas F. Curran Associates, Inc. and in the years that followed, became a partner at Curran & Connors and quickly led the firm to new heights. A shrewd businessman and investor, Denis built a reputation of excellence in corporate reporting that was second to none. Though he will be dearly missed, his legacy lives on through the talented and passionate employees who are proud to call Curran & Connors our home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, especially his children and grandchildren.