How long will it take to create our first ESG/CSR report?


It is 100% dependent on your goals, your team, the work you’ve already done (or not done), how robust you want the report to be, and the format of the disclosure. The short answers are:


What is the most effective way to address different stakeholders’ priorities in our reporting strategy?


While different stakeholder groups may have different priorities, a comprehensive corporate responsibility and ESG strategy will cover all of the material issues. The delivery method, however, may need to be tweaked for the different audiences. While both data and context are equally important in telling a company’s story, they may not always be presented together. In addition to a dedicated web page and a stand-alone report, it may make sense to also have individual fact sheets or indices for some of the topics that are of particular interest to stakeholders. In the end, know your audiences and what is important to them. Determine what is material, where the various information should live on your website and what the format should be to make it easy for your stakeholders to find what they are looking for.

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